Building a Better 60/40 Portfolio

with Core Private Real Estate

Rising interest rates. Volatile markets. Runaway inflation. Does today’s investment environment spell the end for the iconic 60/40 stock and bond portfolio?

Not necessarily, but for many advisors, the 60/40 model certainly needs to be improved to deliver the types of risk-adjusted returns clients have come to expect.

For many reasons, Core Private Real Estate is an asset class advisors are turning to because of the potential benefits it can offer, including:

  • Non-correlation to stocks and bonds
  • Durable source of income
  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Potential to help protect retirement portfolios from market drawdowns

Unlock this complimentary guide and explore how an allocation to core private real estate could be a way to build a better 60/40 portfolio.

Discover our view on why investment advisors are increasingly reallocating client portfolios with core private real estate as a durable source of income.

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