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Specifically designed to make private real estate uncomplicated for clients


Understand the asset class through data, facts and education

Portfolio Diversification

Diversification within the strategy = diversification of your portfolio

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Simplified electronic subscription process

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Third leg of every portfolio

Investment experts across the board have cautioned that the traditional 60/40 (stocks/bonds) model portfolio may not be equipped to meet client expectations in the 2020s. From geography, property sector, and vintage year to liquidity, risk/return profile, and growth/income tilt, we believe the benefits of including private real estate in a portfolio are more compelling than ever.

  • Enhanced durable income

  • Strong historical risk-adjusted returns

  • Low volatility

  • Inflation hedge

The Products

Formatted to enable advisors to easily align with their clients’ objectives

The Platform

Leverages analytics, insights, and execution capabilities to deliver on product outcomes


Rooted in a common purpose to serve, our team’s diverse background drives our commitment to help advisors serve their investors

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The IDR Core Property Index Fund, uses patented technology to transform the entire experience of real estate investment. It’s a simple, streamlined, transparent way to help your clients take advantage of the myriad opportunities and improved outcomes that a private real estate allocation may bring to any portfolio.

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